I Am From Poem

I Am From…
By: Jacob Pratt

I am from sports balls in the garage
From cokes and phones
I am from the outdoor fun
I am from the grass
The trees
Whose long limbs I remember
I’m from BBQ’s and camp fires
From Bubbah and Papa
I am from football games and smoores
And from fireworks
I’m from Blue and Jaybug
And Twinkle Twinkle
I am from holidays
I’m from Austin and Europe
Chips and Salsa
From Dad getting stalked by a Mountain Lion
To the Sea shells in the Den
I’m Jacob


One my favorite things to do is running. I like to run for practice in a meet or a competition or even just for fun. It’s also a great way to stay in shape. People have many different reasons for running but I run because I think it’s fun and it gives me something to do. I also use my phone when I run to time me and beat my times.


TV is great and also addictive! You can watch your favorite shows and keep in touch with the latest news. Also you can even watch movies. TV is everywhere you can watch it on your phone, iPad, computer and other devices. Also your TV of course! Anyway I like to watch TV.

Paint Ball

I like to play paintball paint ball is a game where you shoot balls of paint at opposing teams. I think paintball is a fun game to play with friends. It’s a very strategic game that involves many skills. To be good at paintball you first have to be accurate to hit a moving human target. You also have to be smart about where you go, or what you do. For example if you want to get a closer shot at the enemy then you would need to find a quick easy way that would get you there. Without going through an open line of fire where you could get shot.