Why Airplanes Are The Best Way to Travel: Revised

Taking you to an abundance of places far and wide, and providing you comfort that cannot be matched. Wow! Airplanes really are the best way to travel!

First off, not only can airplanes take you to far away places, they take you there fast too, real fast. Especially compared to boats and trains for example, if you were to travel by boat to Russia so that you could see the Olympics, it would take weeks-maybe even a month. However if you traveled by plane you would reach Russia in around 12 hours. So not only do airplanes take you to places far away, but they are also the best choice in many ways.

Another reason that makes airplanes are a good means of transportation is flying comfortably, the first class seats. First class makes it all the more enjoyable! It’s like a whole other story! First class has great air conditioning, tasty refreshments, comfy chairs, free movies, lots of leg room, and if you’re lucky complementary warm towelettes. It’s less of an airplane and more of a palace in the sky.

The point is that airplanes are the way to go! So you don’t have to try everything fun or every refreshment, and it doesn’t matter wether you’re in 1st class or worst class. Airplanes can take you to places far away and can keep you comfortable aswell.

2 thoughts on “Why Airplanes Are The Best Way to Travel: Revised

  1. I know what mean traveling by car takes forever, boats get you sea sick, but planes are the best. I agree with you every step of the way.

  2. Just for the sake of argument, I’d like to make a counter point. The counter point is this: Airplanes are expensive! By sacrificing a few small comforts, you are able to ride for half the price. That means more money to spend on better hotels and stuff at the place you’re going to. Also, airplanes are boring. Let’s talk about the view, shall we? If you look to the right, you can see a cloud. By directing your attention to the left, you can see another cloud. White, blank, and boring as a white board.
    On a train, the view is constantly changing. You never know when you could see something you never have! I call opon the supporting truth here: a lot of people ride trains just for fun!
    So people, next time you have somewhere to go, put the fun back in the journey. Get your money in your pocket and your eyes on the prize.

    Actually, I just wrote that because I could.
    Ride an airplane.

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