My Favorite Toy

When I was little, I just couldn’t live without my Legos. They meant the world to me and were the very best. They came in many sizes and shapes too! So that you could make things with them. When I played had my Legos I would play with them for hours a day. My Legos and I were inseparable! To me, they were the best toys ever! Without Legos, I don’t know where or what I’d be. And I will always cherish the memories of playing with them as a little kid.


Why You Should come to Austin

There’s Festivals like ACL and South by Southwest. Places to see like the capital or the Formula 1 racetrack. And good resteraunts to eat at like Rudy’s BBQ and Home Slice Pizza. Wow you should come to Austin!

First off, the festivals and events are amazing! Like I said before you can go to ACL, South by Southwest, or even go to the F-1 track and watch some races. If went to someplace like in Idaho you wouldn’t find any of that stuff. However if you came to Austin you could find all of that! And more!

Other cool things they have in Austin are resteraunts like Chuy’s, Mighty Fine, Rudy’s, or even Matt’s El Rancho! One of the best things about Texas is that they have great Tex-Mex food. So if you ever come to Texas, that’ll come in handy. Once again if you went to Idaho the Tex-Mex food would not be as good.

Anyway the point is that Texas is the way to go!


TV is great and also addictive! You can watch your favorite shows and keep in touch with the latest news. Also you can even watch movies. TV is everywhere you can watch it on your phone, iPad, computer and other devices. Also your TV of course! Anyway I like to watch TV.

Paint Ball

I like to play paintball paint ball is a game where you shoot balls of paint at opposing teams. I think paintball is a fun game to play with friends. It’s a very strategic game that involves many skills. To be good at paintball you first have to be accurate to hit a moving human target. You also have to be smart about where you go, or what you do. For example if you want to get a closer shot at the enemy then you would need to find a quick easy way that would get you there. Without going through an open line of fire where you could get shot.