My Favorite Place

My favorite place my house is the kitchen for many reasons. There’s snacks, soda, ice cream, candy and a great smell in the air! Anyway the most important reason why it’s my favorite is because it’s where breakfast, brunch, linner, and dinner take place. It’s also where lunch for me takes place when I’m not in school. Plus like the living room the kitchen is a great place to talk and hang out with friends and family. Lastly thought it’s my favorite place to do my homework.

Halloween Front Porch

It was a scary, frightening Halloween night. In the dreary pale moonlight you could see that the boy wore an old pillow to show that he was a ghost. He stopped dead as a door nail when he saw the stunning house. It had a dark empty front yard with a flickering white strobe light on the porch. In the grim light you could see a gruesome bloody corpse hanging there with steel shackles and chains suspending him in the air. On his shoulder perched a gory parrot that had stab marks in it. That was all the boy needed to see to make up his mind that he needed to go! And Quick! The Halloween decorations were all fake of course but the boy didn’t know that. He ran all the way down the block spilling candy everywhere.