Expository Writing: Why Airports are Enjoyable

Candy, gift cards, toys, restaurants, and bookstores! Wow airports have a lot of cool stuff!

First off airports have great food! Last time I went to one, they had places like Starbucks, T.G.I Fridays, Pizzahut, TCBY, and even subway. Dang that’s a lot of food! With all those places alone, there’s an abundance of food at every stop.

Another reason why airports are essential is that they have well, airplanes of course. They take you to places far far away. Plus both airports and airplanes have free wifi. But the. Best part of an airplane is that they have first class seats. First class makes it all the more enjoyable! It’s like a whole other story! First class has great air conditioning, tasty refreshments, comfy chairs, and if you’re lucky complementary warm towelettes. It’s less of an airplane and more of a palace in the sky. But if you’re not in first class that’s ok too.

The point is that airports are essential. So you don’t have to try everything fun or every restaurant at an airportIt, and it doesn’t matter wether you’re in 1st class or worst class. The point is that airports are essential.

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